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Pretty POM, girls clothing, Ohio

About Us


Our Story

Pretty POM was born from a mother's love and a desire to make a difference. When our founder's daughter was 7 years old, she struggled with her identity as a girl with tightly coiled hair and darker skin, feeling disconnected from her favorite characters and toys that didn't share similar traits. This inspired the vision of Pretty POM - a world where representation matters, confidence soars, and dreams know no bounds.


Launched in 2017, we take pride in being one of the first of our kind to embark on this empowering journey, creating a space where little girls of color can shine brightly and embrace their individuality. The response from our customers has been nothing short of heartwarming. We are deeply moved when parents share stories of their little princesses' pure joy and excitement when they see our characters exclaiming, "She looks just like me!" It's these magical connections that inspire us to continue our mission of making every young girl feel seen, heard, and celebrated.

What Does
'POM' Represent?

Our name carries a profound significance that encompasses the essence of our brand's mission.


The ‘POM’ in Pretty POM is defined as "Positively & Originally Me," a powerful acronym that celebrates the idea of embracing one's individuality, self-expression, and self-confidence.


While it resonates with our mission, it is also an ode to the traditional pompom hairstyle commonly worn by little girls of color, which accentuates their crowning glory. We believe that every little girl is PRETTY unique, and it is our passion to showcase this individuality through thoughtfully designed apparel, decor, and more.

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