About Us

It is important that young girls know that as a woman of color, they are just as beautiful, unique, and capable as anyone else. Yet, rarely is there merchandise that portrays or celebrates these beliefs.

A young girl's self-image is surely influenced by their environment, and in many ways, how their likeness is represented (or lack thereof).  

Who Are We?

By figurative definition, POM is a nod to the 'two-puff/ponytail' hairstyle traditionally worn by little girls of color. By literal definition, POM is an acronym for 'Piece of Me'. When created, the brand was originally designed to help instill a sense of pride in my daughter, who at age 6, began to have questions about her skin tone and hair type.


As mothers, we are generally our childrens, especially our daughters, first role models and point of influence. They model our fashion, our characteristics and our behavior, and while they learn so much from us....many times, they teach us things about ourselves. Life has a way of coming full circle, and serves as a reminder that we have to continually ensure that our daughters are continuously represented in a positive and uplifting light.

Pretty POM was created in July 2017, to represent all girls, especially girls of color; and provide girls clothing, accessories and decor that specifically acknowledges, highlights...and most importantly, Celebrates the beauty of their skin and hair.   

As a inclusive lifestyle brand, and through positive and empowering imagery, we hope to inspire self-affirmation in young girls, while promoting cultural tolerance, awareness and diversity among all.


"Pretty POM is a reflection of them, but they are a reflection of us!"

                            -Team Pretty POM


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